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Sara Freder Five Star Site Review of This is our review of We hope that it provides you with the information that you [Read review...]



Sara Freder

Five Star Site Review of

This is our review of We hope that it provides you with the information that you are looking for.

Company Overview

Going to websites where there are numerous psychics to choose from brings with it the risk of meeting up with one that simply does not have the gift. For this reason and many more, people go to and get their reading from this 20th century Nostradamus follower who is based out of France. The following for this one psychic is almost cult-like. There are those who swear by her predictions. However, there are also those who say that she is a complete fake and advise others not to bother visiting Nevertheless, there seems to be something to her talents. After all, she did win the Dessuart Cup of 1985. Read on to get the low down on Sara Freder.


The devoted followers who flock to run their lives by the words of this clairvoyant. The Sara Freder cult seems to grow continually and a lot of people have testified that the predictions she made in their lives actually came true. On, this psychic explains the motivations of her service by saying, “I want to help everybody and bring to all of those who need it chance, wealth, love, in short happiness”. Those who are convinced of her abilities claim that this is exactly what she has done for them. For those new to her services, there is a free 3 minute live psychic reading offered so that they can check out her accuracy for themselves.  Another thing that makes stand out from all the other psychic websites is that there is a range of tokens and charms available for purchase that is supposed to assist individuals with their needs.


It seems that there are just as many people who are devoted users of as there are those who insist she is a big scam artist. There are a lot of people who claim the things she told them are very far from being true and they are avid about warning others to stay as far away from as possible. What seems to agitate people the most is all the emails that are sent out once visitors to sign up to her mailing list. They claim these emails promise money will come to them in the future and request that large sums be given to Sara Freder. There are also numerous people who claim to have sent this psychic hundreds of dollars and never received the fruits of her predictions in their lives.


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  1. Review by Patricia

    I had a birthday last month and now she is bothering me again. She has not been correct about anything, and now she is just a nuisance.

  2. Review by princessa

    sara freder is the real deal. honest loving and the best clairvoyant there is everything she told me was true n correct n her help in invaluable for life believe sara on all levels of her gifts read what she tells you